Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine


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The COVID-19 vaccine available to those who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • 65 years of age and older
  • 18 years of age and older with at least one chronic medical condition that puts them at risk for severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19


To schedule your COVID-19 vaccine, please register with a vaccine hub provider. Find a list of available hub providers in your area.



We know there are lots of questions about where and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Getting a vaccine is an important way to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community! JPS wants you to have the information you need. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

Where can I get my COVID-19 vaccine?
Appointments are available now at what are called “vaccine hub providers” throughout North Texas.

What is a vaccine hub provider?
Vaccine hub providers are locations equipped to administer thousands of doses of the vaccine to all those who qualify under state guidelines, and the state is prioritizing vaccine shipments to these locations.

Who can get the vaccine right now?
Currently, state guidelines include 1a and 1b groups, which are healthcare workers, people 65 and older, and people 16 and older with a medical condition that puts them at risk if infected with the virus.

Can I get my vaccine at JPS?
Yes, if you are a JPS patient and if JPS has vaccine available. JPS is not a hub provider and has not received additional supplies of the vaccine, so we cannot begin the vaccination process with those needing a first dose until more supply is received. We have limited supply to use for scheduled second doses.

I’m a JPS patient and need a vaccine. What do I do now?
Log on to Tarrant County Public Health’s website to register for an appointment at a hub provider near you.

I’m a JPS patient and my appointment was just cancelled. Now what?
We are sorry to have to cancel your vaccine appointment. Anyone whose JPS appointment was cancelled because of vaccine supply has been put on our waiting list, and as we receive more vaccine we will reschedule appointments. Because we do not know when shipments may occur, we recommend registering with Tarrant County Public Health for an appointment at a hub provider.


Have more questions about the vaccine?

See the following FAQs from the CDC and the Texas Department of Health.


Vaccine Allocation: Phase 1A CDC Vaccine FAQ
Vaccine Allocation: Phase 1B Texas Department of Health Vaccine FAQ